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Such huge things coming out of the CHERCH crew these days, it's hard to keep track. Coming off an absolute banger of a 6th birthday, the dudes have invited Dopplershift for 5 March. This promises to be huge.

We are Legion Wargaming, an up and coming Wargaming club operating out of Sognage, Strijdom Park.

Open every Thursday night!

Our main game systems are Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar, but we're open to any games you'd like to bring along!

The current goal is to get people gaming every week!

The bar will be open and the beer will be cold!

Covid protocols in place.

Come meet some friendly faces!


Maelstrom is an extremely versatile, 10HP stereo reverb module which contains two mono or one stereo input, with global amount and separate decay, mix and feedback controls. what sets maelstrom apart is that each of these settings contains a CV input for ultimate control from CV generators.


apart from being a powerful stereo reverb, maelstrom has the capability to be self-patched (from one channel’s output into another’s input) in order to generate feedback. this allows the module to become a flexible noise source; where CV can be used to create overlapping swells or generate rhythmic elements including polyrhythms (due to the dual channels).


as a reverb module, maelstrom is capable of creating high quality, moving stereo images with timbres ranging from springy and bubbly to dark and thick. you can either drown the signal in reverb or have tight control that is akin to a plate reverb.

Drop Off

We are pleased to share our new Low Pass Filter for Eurorack, entitled Drop Off. Based on the Minimoog VC filter in only 5HP. 

Based on the famous Minimoog Ladder Filter, this Low-Pass Filter contains two Control Voltage Inputs; one of which has its own attenuator. Also contains two Audio Inputs, both with their own attenuators; as well as an Emphasis Control.

The module self-oscillates when the emphasis is at 90%;

and this can be pitched using the v/oct Input.

Click on the store link to learn more about the awesome Drop Off module, 

Green Flash Review

Our good friends at Riffs and Chugs TV spent some time with our beautiful Tube Screamer the Green Flash. A classic circuit reimagined and redesigned, while staying true to the original sound and aesthetic. We use the original RC4558P chips that, for decades, have given us the sound we know and love.

For more info on this beast of a pedal check out the online store

From the Workshop

Patch Explorations

Eurorack Performance Cases

Welcome to the first of our patching explorations video series, where we will be integrating Sognage modules with modules from various manufacturers to open new sonic possibilities. In this patch we are exploring the power of blending a drone and an animated self-oscillating wave via the drop off low pass filter. We hope this inspires some interesting patch ideas in your setup. Much love

Case 4.jpg
Case 3.jpg
Case 2.jpg

Sending our new Eurorack performance cases to our good friends Mother City Modular. Our new case designs allow you to travel and keep your modular system patched, along with our expanding back legs to adjust the angle of your case. Much love and happy patching 🐙

For any additional information about out specialised Eurorack performance cases please contact us.

Sognage News Letter Lakens banner.jpg

Lakens (noun, translation: Sheet) written and directed by Christian Grobelaar, produced by Soaring Heights Productions. The film is a 25-minute short, created for Kyknet, Multichoice and the Silwerskerm Film Festival.


The film is centered around the character Lika, who after the death of her son, finds a flyer for a doorway that promises to reconnect her with her child, but what’s the catch?

Production took place over the course of two weeks during May and June, with an incredible team of professionals. Cast, cinematographers, set designers and lighting crews were all incredibly talented people. It was a pleasure to work and learn from these amazing individuals.

Rag Dolls (2018)


Sognage Studios recently collaborated with Soaring Heights Productions

to create a film in 48 hours for the 48 Hour film Festival.

The 48 Hour film Project is an international film festival, aimed at filmmakers from all over the world as a challenge to write, shoot and edit a 5-7 minute short film within 48 hours.


Each team is randomly assigned two genre’s, character names, a line of dialogue and props that must be incorporated into the film, to ensure that no scripts are prepared in advance. After submitting their film, contestants stand the chance to win a range of prizes and the opportunity to have their film screened at international film festivals, where they’ll compete against the top entries internationally...


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