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Clients and Projects

clients and projects

A film by Soaring Heights Productions

Created in 48 hours for the 48 Hour film Festival.

The 48 Hour film Project is an international film festival, aimed at filmmakers from all over the world as a challenge to write, shoot and edit a 5-7 minute short film within 48 hours.


Each team is randomly assigned two genre’s, character names, a line of dialogue and props that must be incorporated into the film, to ensure that no scripts are prepared in advance. After submitting their film, contestants stand the chance to win a range of prizes and the opportunity to have their film screened at international film festivals, where they’ll compete against the top entries internationally...


Rag Dolls (2018)

Plush Final.png

Plush Campaign (2018)

Plush Professional Leather Care is a proudly South African company, specialising in the sales and marketing of an extensive range of Shoe Care and Household Cleaning products. In operation for 54 years, the Plush brand has become synonymous with affordable, superior quality suede, leather and home care products.

Sognage Studios has developed an 8-part web series for the Plush Professional brand as part of a marketing campaign in 2018.

48 H Film Fest.jpg
AFDA-Logo-2018-transparent New.png

Silent Men (2018)

Film composer and AFDA Graduate, Alexander Verbaan used Sognage Studios and producers to help record a string quartet for three of his films. 


This is the trailer to Silent Men, one of three productions that Verbaan worked on for his graduation at AFDA. What makes these productions special to him was having the privilege of recording a string quartet playing his compositions for the films at Sognage Studios.

Sognage Studio Rates


Sognage Studio Rates


1 track (1 day studio time, and mix and master) 

R3 000


3 tracks (2 days studio time, and mix and master)  

R7 000


5 tracks (3 days studio time, and mix and master)  

R10 000

  • All packages include 2 mix and master revisions



Customizable Bundles:

Production per track, per engineer

R2 000


Daily Studio rental fee (12 hours)

R2 500


Per hour studio rental fee



Per track full audio mix

R2 000


Per track mastering

R 800


Additional Add-ons:

Album art graphic design

R2 000


Artist/band logo design

R1 500


Digital Distribution (Apple Music, Spotify etc) per track



Per album



Live music video shoot incl. production, editing, equipment and audio mix

R6 000


*digital distribution returns and prices are difficult to determine, get in touch via email or facebook to arrange a meeting, where an agreement between all parties can be made.

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