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Updated: May 31, 2019

PROB is a platform for all creative and artistic disciplines,

constantly expanding, we pride ourselves on hosting gatherings

of inspirational people that champions exploration.

A night out at the Peoples Republic of Bouyington (PROB) looks like a regular night out at a party or a gig. Bands. DJs. See your friends. Small talk with a stranger. Drink. Be entertained.

…except… you’re missing the point.

At Bouyington you are not a customer. You are not here to make up the numbers and run up a bar tab. You are not here to consume.

We are all participants. We are here to share… our thoughts, our skills, our talents, our passions – whatever they may be. We are here to be a part of something tangible and enriching.

PROB is a stand against cheapening of creativity and craft. A stand against the compartmentalisation of creative endeavours and the stifling echo chambers they create. A respite from a city which turns us into rats in a barrel.

Instead, we can be excited for each other, and inspired with new ideas and the contagious energy of creativity. Inspired to push ourselves to new heights and collaborate across the boundaries of medium, format, genre and identity. Most importantly, this is about connecting. Our interests can be wildly different, but we can connect on the level of our passion for those interests.

So bring yourself, but really bring yourself. Talk about your thoughts and ideas. Laugh. Let loose. Feel the music. Touch the interactive art. Engage all of your senses… and leave inspired. Then come back with whatever it is that you are passionate about…and share it.

Words by Rob Cass

Craft Beer Brew Master extraordinaire, Rob Cass is a great friend of Sognage and has shared his delicious flavourful beers at our events.

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