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Goat Throne Blood for the Blood Goat

On Saturday the 22 June Sognage had the pleasure of hosting Goat Throne for their Blood for the Blood Goat album launch. Goat Throne are a 4-piece Johannesburg-based Doom and Stoner Metal band that will get your blood pumping from the first goaty note, through powering drum rhythms and up to the last bloody riff. Blood for the Blood Goat is their debut album and what a debut it is!

The night started with Mad God, kicking things off with laboured vocals, signature melodies, and their heavy, slow riffing. Goat Throne were next to take to the stage; and built on the energy created by Mad God. Gavin Pincus’ riff writing is absolutely superb, and together with Nic Lancaster’s heavy and precise bass guitar, the two drive the feel of the band. Lyle Van’Dango, the group’s vocalist, was born to be a frontman. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off the man as he alternates effortlessly between metal screaming and stoner rock vocals. The quartet is completed by drummer Greg Watson who roots the music and provides the groove.

Gavin had this to say after the performance:

The show was mental! We had all the best pals and bands we know in one place, and it kinda felt like a reunion. The energy was like that of a house party and there was no pretence with any of the bands. Playing music for fun. A big reminder that DIY is the best way to do things. We’ll be back at Sognage as soon as this hangover wears off (a few weeks from now).

To finish it all off we had Facing the Gallows taking us home. One of the band members even paid the venue a massive compliment by saying that Sognage is his favourite Johannesburg venue.

A massive thank you to Gavin Pincus for collaborating with us and to the bands for being part of the event. A special mention has to go out to Danny Helsing, the engineer for the evening, who wrapped every single cable in the venue.

You can find Goat Throne’s album on Bandcamp here as well as all major streaming platforms

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