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KAK LEKKE VAAWBS - Jack Parow Live at Sognage

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ja no lekke! are you choms ready for the most KAK LEKKE VAAWBS Hate City has experienced in the last decade? 💃 Strap on your tekkies and prepare to squeak the absolute kak out of them with the groot papa himself 🐯 Jack Parow 🐯. We know its not a FAT jol without Zebra and Veranda Panda getting wild on the stage so we got them both plus a cheeky set from queen bee Kerry-Anne Allerston from MixFM!
Kerry-Anne Allerston (DJ SET)
Veranda Panda
Jack Parow

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You are entitled to cancel your tickets on the condition that they have not yet been used to attend the event. This cancellation may be done at any time prior to the day before the date of the event by sending a refund request to

Although you are entitled to cancel your tickets, you may be liable for cancellation charges. The following cancellation charges may apply:

Cancellation less than 7 days before the event

A 75% cancellation fee will apply

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Special considerations

In the event that you can provide us with documentary proof that the person in whose name the ticket was booked will not be able to attend the event because of his/her death or incapacity, we will not levy a cancellation fee on that person’s ticket.

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